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oil on canvas

110 x 160 

In a realm of speed and glory, a tale unfolds,

Of a girl entwined with dreams, her heart's secrets untold.

He remains aloof, distant as the moon,

Focused on himself, on conquering the swoon.

Her devotion remains, unwavering and true,

While he barely notices, oblivious to her hue.

She knows deep inside, his attention she'll never seize,

Lost in the quest for victory, blind to her pleas.

Yet still, he keeps her hooked, in a silent embrace,

A captive of a love that finds no rightful place.

Her heart, bound to his, cannot open anew,

No room for another, her love a shade of blue.

She stands in his shadow, unnoticed, it seems,

A hidden gem yearning to be cherished in his dreams.

In the realm of speed and glory, their destinies entwined,

Her love forever cherished, but never fully defined.

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